Posted on: January 19, 2010 5:07 pm

Dolphins hire Mike Nolan as DC

From the minute I saw that the Broncos parted ways with this guy I knew the Dolphins were going to go hard after him. I love the move considering he has a real good track record for his defensive coaching everywhere he has been. With the addition of a MLB or FS in the 1st round of the draft if they go that way, I believe that Nolan will have alot to work with. Pass defense was the biggest problem this past year and the way the Broncos secondary played it looks promising for a young secondary that needs direction and good coaching. I don't know why the Broncos parted with Nolan but thank you this is truly a big addition that we needed this off season. Now lets get to work on other key problems that need to be addressed

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Posted on: January 11, 2010 2:04 pm

2009 Miami Dolphins Season in Review

  From being the AFC Division winner in 2008 to 7-9 in 2009 would seem to be a disappointing season. The loss od starting quarterback gave Chad Henne a opportunity to lead the Dolphins and mature as a quarterback in his first year starting under center. Although it is disappointing to not make the playoffs in consecutive seasons, it was nice to see the Dolphins build for the future. Henne at quarterback, Brian Hartline and Davone Bess at wide reciever, and Sean Smith and Vontae Davis at cornerback, they all showed alot of promise for the future. 
  Ronnie Brown was having another steller year up until his season-ending ankle injury. I hope he makes a full recovery and continues to run wild for the Dolphins for many years to come. With Brown out, Ricky Williams stepped up in a big way and looked like he has more gas in his tank then he may think. He plans to play out his contract in 2010, so Ricky and Ronnie will atleast have another year together to boost out running game. When both stay healthy they are the best tandem in the NFL. Williams says he is going to retire after next season so it would be a good idea to look on filling the void Williams will leave. 
  Ted Ginn has came up in many discussions as being a bust and he has warranted by his overall play. I loved the potential I saw from him coming out of college and I believe if the Dolphins can find a big play reciever who can strech the field it will work wonders for his career. If the Dolphins don't try to find a big play guy then Ginn's days are numbered in Miami. Along wiht Bess and Hartline it seems hard to believe what I am about to say but eith the addition of a big play reciever our recieving corps will be the top tier of the league if the coaching staff can utilize them in the right ways.
  The progression of rookie Pat White was disheartening when he went down with that tough hit to his head against the Steelers. He came through in some small spots this year, but with the play of Tyler Tygpen I don't see how White can be useful unless he can show he can accurately throw out of the wildcat. The Wildcat was used sparingly by the end of the season without Ronnie Brown and it will be interesting to see how and if the wildcat will be used in the future. If the wildcat dissappears where does that leave Pat White?
  Jason Taylor and Joey Porter were not as effective as years past and it looks like they will need more help from backups such as Cameron Wake and Charlie Anderson at the outside linebacker position. Both Wake and Anderson did a steller job when their names where called on this season. Akin Adyodle and Channing Crowder managed a good season for the most part but with another young ballhawk at middle linebacker would really help for the future. Jason Feguson played outstanding up until his injury and it showed when the Dolphins rushing defense was at the top of the league. That said if Ferguson cannot be reliable then drafting a young defensive tackle our sign a free agent like Vince Wilfork would be the best thing for a team that is in need of depth at that position. Gibril Wilson was signed to fill a much needed void at free safety, but wasnot successful at all as the Dolphins were getting beat deep in crucial spots of games all year. The money that the Dolpins gave him to come in did not show up on the field. There is alot of room for inmprovement at each of the positions I talked about in the past paragraph.
  As well as the Dolphins played in 2008, it showed that being healthy and being on the right side of the turnover differential is hard to do two years in a row. The Dolphins showed alot of promise for the future in 2009, ecspecially in tough games against tough competition. The amount of progress Head of FootBall Operations Bill Parcells has made the past two seasons is encouraging for the future. Like Many of other Dolphin fans, I hope that the big tuna will stick around alittle longer to help our team. If our Offense and Defense can progress at a fast rate, I feel confident in saying the Dolphins are a playoff team and a serious super bowl contender next year and for years to come.
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